Multifunctional tractor with a quick-coupling system for coupling and de-coupling.

When Pfanzelt revealed the new PM Trac at the Agritechnica exhibition in Hannover in November 2005, they set new standards in the design of multifunctional tractors. With the presentation of the PM Trac 2380 eight years later, the first model of the third generation, an entirely new vehicle was revealed. Due to its unique design, the Pfanzelt PM Trac III tractor system is optimized for service in both agriculture and forestry, as well as in landscape management.

The core of the PM Trac machine is the central attachment bay over the centre of the rear axle and the way it can be rapidly and flexibly adapted to various working conditions.

  • Split transmission, infinitely adjustable S-matic gearbox (50 km/h)
  • Powerful with 133 kW (189hp) or 174 kW (237hp)
  • Safe operation in forests, thanks to vehicle parking control
  • Parking stability due to sliding tube front axle with automatic hydraulic axle locking during crane operation
  • Pneumatically suspended XXL high comfort cab with all round vision and operating stand that can be turned through 350°
  • Support frame with 4 adjustable mounting and attachment bays for the heaviest implements
  • Pfanzelt mounting system: tool-free, quick-change mounting frame for crane and cable winch

Light and strong frame under the tractor

A coupling system that ensures quick and easy dismantling and mounting, within 15 minutes

Extremely stable as it is mounted directly above the rear axle

360 degrees usage (left and right)

After dismounting, the PM Trac can be used as a normal tractor

Ideal for verge maintenance


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