About us

Martens iQuipment is a young and dynamic company. It specifically focuses on machines for the current Dutch forestry, land development, and groundworking market, such as the Meri Crusher.

IQ says it all, we are constantly search for smart machines that will meet the high Dutch standards in a smart and efficient way. We like to look at problems and complex, inefficient working methods with a fresh perspective. We always work together with the end-user to offer a practical  and sustainable solution.

With the current range of our smart machines, an intelligent interplay has developed in which all IQ products can be linked to each other, giving you an advantage thanks to our use of smart technology.

Martens iQuipment is part of Martens Oudenbosch.


Improvements to the Meri Crusher

We have applied for some patents for the Meri Crusher. These have been invented and implemented completely by ourselves. Suokone, the manufacturer of the Meri Crusher, was so enthusiastic about our innovations, that these are now offered as standard on their machines. And that’s something we’re very proud of!
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Looking for a sustainable
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