A very versatile crusher

Looking for a versatile mulcher? In that case, the Meri Crusher MJ series should be your first choice. The light, strong construction makes the MJ series ideal for a wide power range of tractors, up to 150hp. Working in conditions where light weight and durability are paramount, the Meri Crusher MJ gives excellent crushing results from the STD rotor. Power is transmitted to the rotor through single or dual double chain drives which are always protected by an overload clutch, a friction disc, or a patented POC (pressure operated safety clutch) type, designed by Suokone.

Lightweight, strong construction
STD Rotor – diameter 400mm
Power range 50 – 150hp


Rotor diameter 400mm

Power range 50 – 150hp

Working depth 200 mm

Rotor width (mm) 1350 / 1750 / 2250

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