Crusher for demanding jobs.

When working conditions are tough and demanding, look no further than the MeriCrusher MJS / G series. It is continuously protected by the patented Suokone POC clutch system and is transmitted to the rotor via one or two G-Series gears. The MeriCrusher MJS / G can safely operate medium-sized tractors up to 300 hp, yet remains lightweight and durable. The UNT rotor, with cost-effective tapered carbide cutters and extra durable forged retainers, gives a fine crushing result. The MeriCrusher MJS / G can be equipped with the Martens iQuipment screen for even finer crushing results.

For harsh working conditions
UNT Rotor – diameter 500mm
Power range 110 – 300 pk


Rotor diameter 500mm / 20″

Power range 110 – 300 PK

Working depth 250 mm / 10″

Rotor widths (mm) 1910 / 2410

Rotor widths (inch) 75 / 95

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